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In need of an eye catcher for your business exhibition ? Or do you need to add an activity to your event. Rent a simulator on a daily basis. Dedicated team of experts will walk you through planning, installation and training on how to use the simulator. Our goal is to help you find the right solutions and direction to be successful with your entrepreneurial venture. 

Our Service

We want to make your event a succes. We provide remote support as well as on location crew to make sure everything runs smoothly as possible. 

Without on-location Crew

With on-location Crew

The Simulator


Below you find our prices. Prices are for single simulator, incl. VAT. Ex Shipping or Transport. 

  • 1-3 Days Rental : DKK 1860,00 (EUR 250,00) Per. Day
  • 4-9 Days Rental : DKK 1302,00 (EUR 175,00) Per. Day
  • More than 9 days rental : DKK 350,00 (EUR 47,00) Per. Day

If needed ESR can provide a crew member to run the simulator on the location, this will be charged DKK 437,50 (EUR 59,00)


For events in Denmark, the simulator will be transported in a Truck. For more days of rental accommodation for the crew will be charged, unless anything else is agreed between ESR and the customer.


Incl. VAT. Ex. Shipping/Transport

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