PRO Racer Bundle

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Innato Ferrari 488 GTE

Ferrari 488 GTE replica steering wheel Elite version

Made in 2 parts, front part in 3mm carbon fiber, central part and back in black aluminum

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Quick Release Wheel Side Kit

Simucube Quick Release system can be assembled in multiple configurations to best suit your wheel and button box combination.

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Sparco Hypergrip Gaming Gloves

The Hypergrip glove revolutionises the concept of glove specifically targeting Sim Racers and Gamers

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Description & Specifications

Sparco Hypergrip Gaming gloves has been designed for use with steering wheels like Ferrari 488 GTE replica Elite version. 




  • Precise controls
  • Driving stability
  • Zero- backlash and rock- solid operation
  • Perfect lock-in
  • Ensures non-degrading tight coupling over thousands of swap cycles
  • Better grip for better performance
  • Better and more accurate range of motion
  • Authentic experience
  • Reducing cramps in hand
  • Gloves absorbs sweat while racing and protect fingers from blisters
  • Increased realism and immersion
  • Wrist support
  • Gives structural integrity
  • 2 years guarantee on the Ferrari 488 GTE


The gloves

Sparco Hypergrip Gaming gloves are made of the micro-perforated microfibre on the palm ensures maximum ventilation without compromising the grip provided by the rubber coatings.


The perforated and elasticated materials on the Hypergrip glove guarantee perfect fit and the right comfort for long gaming sessions, limiting perspiration with the perception of wearing a second skin. To further improve ventilation, holes have been added in the part of the palm that separates the fingers.


The gaming gloves have “touch-sensitive” thumb and index finger fingertips, which are in turn reversible to allow their removal in “controller” configuration; in this position, with the fingers uncovered, it will be much more effective to exert pressure on the joystick keys for a rapid and accurate feeling.


The steering wheel

Ferrari 488 GTE replica steering wheel Elite version is made in 2 parts, front part in 3mm carbon fiber, central part and back in black anodized aluminum. The steering wheel is made up of two electronics: Leo Bodnar BU0836A with custom firmware “Innato SW” in charge of communicating with the computer.


Electronics designed to measure for the panel with diodes in each input with surface welding.



The Quick Release Wheel Side Kit

Precision machined full-metal Simucube Quick Release guarantees zero backlash and rock solid operation even under the extreme torques of direct drive wheel base. Guided rail design ensures perfect lock-in every time, and spring preloaded pin mechanism will ensure non-degrading coupling over thousands of swap cycles.



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