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Heusinkveld Ultimate – Clutch

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Description & Specifications

Heusinkveld Ultimate Clutch pedal often get lighter towards the end of their travel. The Heusinkveld Sim Pedal Ultimate feature a regressive spring mechanism allowing to greatly adjust the effort, travel and feel. The maximum pedal effort, travel and feel. The maximum pedal effort of 45 kg or 100 lbs is again far greater than that of regular consumer grade pedals, but lighter settings are easily selected. The pedal is strong, stiff, compact and durable.


Mathematical model was made to calculate pedal travel and operating force, predicting with great accuracy how pedal feel in all of its many different configurations.



Product Highlight

  • Strong, stiff, compact and durable design using custom developed
  • 12bit USB electronics for an instant and accurate response
  • Fully adjustable pedal geometry and pedal force and adjustable hydraulic damping
  • Designed with CAD and FEA All structural parts are CNC precision laser cut stainless steel
  • Design tolerances have been optimized in order to have a minimal amount of unnecessary play
  • Semi-gloss metallic look with a minimum of sharp edges
  • Load cells provide true linear output in relation to your pedal input
  • Travel is adjustable from 14° to 24° on the clutch
  • All end stops are ‘soft’ for a quality and neighbor friendly sound and feel


Improved smoothness and durability

Heusinkveld has added slide bearings to major load bearing pivot points (spring rod pivots) in order to improve pedal smoothness, reduce unwanted noise and greatly enhance the durability of the pedal.



Bespoke hydraulic dampers

Heusinkveld uses custom made 2-way clutch dampers to simulate the hydraulic damping effect as seen on real clutch. The option to adjust the amount of damping is still present. These  dampers, having gone through extreme durability testing, further enhance reliability and retain their maintenance-free characteristics. Even in the unlikely case of a damper failure, because Heusinkveld use a separate load cell to measure force or position, the pedal will still retain their core functionality.



Revised sensor mounts

Heusinkveld has implemented black mounts of a more durable material for the load cell actuator springs and the load cell mounts on the clutch. These replace the former acrylic mounts and improve long term reliability.




Clutch pedal come with a USB-controller and a USB-cable. The controller has 3RJ-sockets with a load cell amplifier to which the pedal is connected.
Additionally, the controller features connectors for 12 buttons and 4 regular analogue axes. This means that you can connect additional hardware such as button boxes, shifters and rotaries to the board.




  • Sensitive and physical feedback with advanced realistic experience
  • More control & more immersion
  • Improving racing abilities
  • Outmaching approach into a corners
  • Highest level of perform


Package contents

  • Heusinkveld Pedal – Clutch
  • Screws and washers for the profile slot and the rig
  • USB cable


Dimensions & Weight

  • 500 x 320 x 100 mm
  • 2000 g


General information

  • Manufactured by Heusinkveld
  • Pack in recycled cardboard box

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