Stage 1

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The Ready to Race Simulator Stage 1  is a brilliant starter setup. The rig has a high rigidity and can easily be upgraded with a direct drive and load cell pedals.

Description & Specifications

The Ready to Race Stage 1 Simulator is a brilliant starter setup. The rig has a high rigidity and can easily be upgraded with a direct drive and load cell pedals. 

Back Order

This simulator can be build on back order. The delivery time is 2-3 weeks + shipping.


⦿ Sim Rig

  • Sim Lab GT1 Evo Black
  • Sim Floor
  • GT1-EVO Single Screen Holder
  • Bucket Seat Bracket Set
  • Sparco Seat Slider
  • Cross Cable Binder Block (set of 10)
  • VESA 100/75 Bracket
  • Sim Lab Speed 1

⦿ Sim Hardware

  • ASUS VG248QG Gaming Monitor
  • Logitech G29


If you would like to add or change specs to the Ready to Race Simulator Stage 1, feel free to contact us.


If you wish to add specific parts to the simulator, please contact ESR.

Here is a list of what other customers bought in connection with their purchase of the simulator:

Turn key solution

With our turn key solution we includes the computer, installation of software and fine tuning of the simulator in general, we offer this for an additional price. We know that getting to know all the features of the simulator can be challenging. That's why we include a support line via email, phone or TeamViewer.

The order process

During the order process we will guide into making the right choices regarding specifications and the simulator software.


We are ready to receive your order via email. Shipping costs to be calculated and added during the order proces.


We offer to organize the shipping or you can organize it yourself. As assembled option, the simulator will be shipped in a wooden box, either by truck, ship or airplane depending on your location. The shipping price is calculated in connection with ordering.

The only thing that needs to be done at delivery, is to create a profile in following platforms :

  • Steam
  • Simucube True Drive Paddock
  • Discord Account


We know it can be more or less challenging to get to know all the features of the Ready to Race Simulator. This is why we have included support via email, phone or TeamViewer, when ordering this type of Simulator.

iRacing Subscription

We include a 3 months free subscription for iRacing.

Sim Racing Activities

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